1000 Words – Full Response 2

The following are all of the responses given by one individual.

Do you know who you are?
“I like to think I do. I’m still figuring it out. I used to know exactly who I was until something traumatic happened in my life and broke me down until I wasn’t sure who I was. The good thing about being broken is that you can build yourself and it’s on a sturdy, rock-bottom foundation.”

Do you know where you fit in?
“I don’t know actually. I fit in with my family and my friends. I’ve always been a floater though, able to go to wherever or whoever I want.”

Do you know that you are beautiful?
“Sometimes I don’t feel beautiful. I believe I am. People are constantly telling me how beautiful even gorgeous I am but I don’t think I see myself the way they see me.”

Do you know you are a daughter of God?
“Yes. Sometimes (this is awful of me) but sometimes, I get frustrated with how sure of it I am. I think because I can’t blame hard to things on a lack of God. I have to accept that I am his daughter and that father will allow me to go through hard things. Something that I’ve not realized until recently is that Heavenly Father does not enjoy watching me suffer. i’m not sure why but that changed the way i accept trails. It was no longer that Heavenly Father stood, idling watching me fail. He hurts and cries when I do.”

Have you ever been mean to someone? What would you say to them now?
“I have been! Sometimes, not purposefully, I apologized, cried about it until I fell asleep and reached out to them the next day. Knowing that I am responsible for their “hurting” or Hurt just kills me inside!”

Has anyone ever been mean to you? Have you forgiven them?
“Yes. I thought I did but I still struggle with it. So, for me, forgiveness is a constant CHOICE.”

What would you tell another girl/woman who is struggling with self-worth to help them see their true value?
“You keep your chin up. Take time for yourself. Have courage. You’ve been through hard things. We may not like it but we can do it. Don’t forget to laugh, kiss and sleep!”

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