1000 Words – Full Response 3

The following are all of the responses given by one individual.

Do you know who you are?
“Always. Sometimes I feel so out of place, like I’m not acting like myself. So I try to act like myself, but people judge me.”

Do you know where you fit in?
“Again, no. I don’t know if people look at me and think, “Oh my gosh, she’s so beautiful and gorgeous,” or if they think I’m ugly and weird.”

Do you know that you are beautiful?
“I try everyday to say that I’m beautiful. That sometimes I just look in the mirror and think nothing of myself! I always try and understand that heavenly father loves you so much! But it doesn’t help sometimes.”

Do you know you are a daughter of God?
“I know that I am a daughter, but I don’t feel it. Sometimes I question if Jesus is even real. I know it’s repeated every week in church, but sometimes I wonder if I’m supposed to be here. A daughter of God means to me, being who you are and not caring what anybody else thinks.”

Have you ever been mean to someone? What would you say to them now?
“Sadly yes I have. I regret every bit of it. I’d tell them that I love them, and they’re beautiful. I could make it right by being their friend and being good to them so they never have to go through that again.”

Has anyone ever been mean to you? Have you forgiven them?
“Yes. It changed my whole life. It’s been a extremely hard to forgive them especially if they live in your own home. But I know that forgiveness is key and a very important.”

What would you tell another girl/woman who is struggling with self-worth to help them see their true value?
“I tell them that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. The people that are being mean to you now won’t be in five years. Like all you need to do is get through this life and nothing will matter anymore. You’ll be home with your heavenly father and you’ll do whatever you want. And have whatever you want. And think you are a royal queen. If people make fun of you, just remember what and who you are.”

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