A Bedhead Shoot by a Daughter

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview 20 girls on the subject of beauty and motherhood. It was so neat to see hear their thoughts. In part, it confirmed for me the idea that when our daughters see us in the morning with our hair still tossed and uncombed and our faces simple and undone, or really at any point in the day, they don’t see anything more than “their mom,” and to them you are the definition of beauty. To see the video, CLICK HERE.

 Still, I think it might seem a little funny to them to see ME over taking pictures of you first thing in the morning.

Although, after this experience, I wish all daughters would be present during the shoots, seeing how important it might possibly be…

  While I was doing a bedhead shoot with a very beautiful mother, Stephanie, her older daughter noticed and became curious what we were doing. Stephanie explained that I was there to take pictures of her bedhead.

I love this bedhead!

Apparently, after I left she asked her mom if it would be okay if she took some pictures also. Of course, being the awesome mom that she is, she said yes and did it! I want to know what her daughter was thinking the whole time and what kind of an impact it will make on her life? If nothing else, she will hopefully remember this sweet experience and that her mother’s bedhead is awesome!

Here are the pictures she took. Love them so much!

“Some of them are a little blurry… She couldn’t stop laughing at “catching” me, so it was fun. I’ve decided I look better in person!  

But I am trying to embrace my motherly beauty! LOL”

In Stephanie’s original post she shares so many wonderful sayings hanging on her walls. Here is one that I missed!

“Color outside the lines.”

I can say we do a little coloring outside the lines on bedheadmom.com and I am loving it!

Embrace your motherly beauty!! Because you are beautiful Stephanie!

The relationship between mother and daughter is a topic that I am passionate about, especially when it comes to true beauty, and will be discussing on this site many times over. If you have a perspective on it that you would like to share, please contact me so we can set something up!

Motherly Beauty :)

~bedhead mom

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