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Why I Started the Site:

I started this site as a way to honor mothers for all that they do. I wanted to show them how beautiful all the sacrifices they make each day—however unglamorous—makes them. It is so fascinating and beautiful that women sacrifice so much to raise the next generation, everything from their body and time to money and, many would agree, their sanity. Because it is such a challenge, I believe that they should celebrate it, so I started doing photo shoots of mothers with their bedhead and without any make-up on, just as real and raw as you could get, while talking about the joys and hardships of being a mother.

The Subject of Physical Beauty:

But you can’t do a bedhead  photo shoot without the issue of beauty arising and it would kill me that no matter how pretty the girl was, she would always point out her flaws and talk about how pretty another girl was compared to her. Why couldn’t they see what I saw talking to them and taking their picture? That is when the mission of this site became two-fold. My aim became to not only show a mother how beautiful she was, but all women, both young and old.

Mothers Can Make a Difference:

What became clear to me in the process was that, as mothers, we have the unique opportunity to bring that change into our homes and into the world. We can change our perception of what is beautiful, beginning with ourselves and let it trickle down to our children. There are so many misconceptions that we can address: everything from trying to be as thin as you can, to digitally altering what a person looks like in the computer. Our children have to know that being amazingly gorgeous has so little to do with what make-up, hair and the clothes you wear or how your features compare to the next person.

Celebrate Your Bedhead:

Together let’s celebrate our bedhead and face the issues that make-up our lives, that build us up and make us stronger. We all have things that we are dealing with. No one is perfect. That is what makes the world so absolutely stunning! So let’s talk about it and everything else that matters to us.

My hope is, that through these photos and interviews, you will see moms, wives, sisters, daughters and all women for who they really are… BEAUTIFUL.

Forgive me for using the word BEAUTIFUL an insane amount of times on this site, but I believe it! I hope you do, too!

If this site inspires you, take the time to share it. We can all do a little to make a difference.

Own it, love it, wear it… share it!




  1. I love what you do here in your blog. We all have unique beauty and every girl must know that she is beautiful. Regardless of the color of our eyes, skin and hair, there is one thing we have in common that is, each and every girl is a daughter of A father in Heaven who sees our beauty and true potential. We all can do so much more to share the love and beauty we have to people around us.

  2. I am preparing to launch a podcast on mothering in September. I found your blog on MormonMommyBloggers and watched your 1000 words video. Would you be willing to let me interview you about your project on my podcast?

  3. I saw your 1000 Words video at a RS event for my stake that you spoke at. It brought me to tears then and does now. I would love to show this to a young women group. Is there anyway to get a copy of it? There is no way I will be able to get this to play over the internet with the church’s wifi.

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