Bedhead Mom Series: My One Precious Life

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This next mom lives much too far away from me that is makes me sad, especially since I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do her bedhead shoot or interview in person. She is awesome, though, and took her own pictures for the site. I love them all!

Hi, I’m Ashley

Mom to 3 beautiful girls

And I don’t plan on wasting my one wild life cleaning all the time, that’s for sure!

And this is my bedhead.

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Not wanting to let a moment pass by too quickly,  Ashley does her best to be happy and content in the moment.

“All of this—in the moment—parenting makes my house suffer, though. I’m always behind on laundry or dishes and our house is never spotless.  Someday the girls will be grown up and I can clean my house then. I’m rarely motivated to pick-up. “

She tells me later, “But we do [pick-up] anyway so toys don’t get stepped on and there is a place to sit on the couch. I don’t know if it (the above statement) comes across that my house is always a disaster—because it’s only USUALLY a disaster.” I smile, because I need that on a plaque on my wall!

I think like many mothers, including myself, Ashley has found that she needs a little time for herself each day. “Usually I can find an hour to get out and run or ride my bike, but some time with a book or one of my creative projects does the job too,” and that “mean mommy monster stays where she is supposed to.”

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And you know by just seeing her with her kids that there is nothing she doesn’t love about her life as a mom:

I love little bodies that squeeze me so tight

tiny hands that fit around my fingers.

I love that my girls need me and trust me to take care of them

 that they come to my side of the bed in the morning—so I’m the first one they see.

I love that I know things about them,

like which fruit snacks they like best

or how to make their toast

or the fact that one little lady will always prefer leggings to tights (all without asking).  

I love after nap hugs

when they run to me when I pick them up from school

the secrets they tell me while we are laying in the dark before they go to sleep

the little whisper noise we make to get each other’s attention, which works clear across a room.

I love the way they smell after a bath, or after we’ve been playing outside

 that they look for me when they are doing something and always calling me to watch them.

 I love surprising them.  

I love that they know just how to get back on my good side when they are in trouble…

I am just crazy in love with my kids, I think they are awesome.

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“I am so happy with the woman that I am and who I am growing into.  I am confident that this has everything to do with my wonderful husband and the life that we are making for ourselves and our little girls. I feel more beautiful now that I am a mother than I ever did before—even with the wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes.”

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

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See that one little finger? She understands!

They may be wild but they are precious!

~bedhead mom

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  1. My favorite quote!! ” I don’t plan on wasting my one wild life cleaning, that’s for sure!” oh man, I just love it!

    • I know what you mean! I should write that on my wall with marker! I need a reminder some days that really there is more to life:) All of these girls are just so inspiring, aren’t they? Can’t wait to write up your post! Time, I need more time!

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