Bedhead Mom Series: Things You Can’t Touch

I wish you could have heard the birds singing and the children playing around us on this warm and sunny morning in California. Pregnant, with her 3rd and out camping with the kids by herself, I don’t know how she does it! When I’m preggo I just sit around at home and “educate” the kids with movies. But that is only one of the reasons I love this mom so much!

This is Wendy

(great name by the way… actually the reason we became friends;)

Mother to 1 boy & 1 girl & 1 on the way

Is more than her freckles and fair skin

And this is her bedhead.

I begin by asking her what I ask all girls:

Are you beautiful?

“Yes… {she pauses} Sometimes. {a slight giggle} For the most part. {smile} Yes.”


Always. She should have answered that with a lot more confidence. As should you all!

But it is more than her fair skin and freckles that make her a beautiful mom.

 It is what is unseen that keeps her motivated.

Things you can’t touch: Her love for her kids and a strong pull to be a mother that she has always felt.

And yet, it is what is seen that she cherishes…

“The tiny fingerprints… will all disappear much too soon, and… you will miss them profoundly.”
How true that will be, I’m sure? A great reminder to be present and live in the moment.

 “Motherhood just brings me joy and is just more fulfilling when I am doing it right.” 

Wendy as a T-rex

Hey kids, am I doing this right?

Wendy you inspire me!

Mothers, you are doing it right. You really are!


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  1. Wendy only you could turn my ramblings into something so beautiful. Love you. And YOU are an inspiration !

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