Bedhead Mom Series: A Glassybaby Mother

I really love all the bedhead moms that I have been privileged to take pictures of and get to know on a more personal level… and most of them have been kind enough to tell me how much they love me… They insist they wouldn’t do it for anyone else. Feeling so blessed right now. {Smile} Each of them have shared their amazing perspectives on life and what it means to them to be a mom.

And Natalie is no exception.

“If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to serve as a horrible warning.”
Catherine Aird

 Haha! Not what I was expecting, but I love it!

And let me just preface the rest of these pictures by saying, You’ve been duly warned.

Let me introduced you to Natalie’s obsession.

When I first saw her collection of glassybaby, these are just the Spring/Easter colors, I was jealous. All that color made me drool, my favorite color is rainbow, after all. So, I could see how easily it could become an addiction, collecting all these beautiful little votives.

But it wasn’t until I learned the story of glassbaby and it’s founder, a beautiful mother of 3, Lee Rhodes, that I truly fell in love with these little babies.

During a 7-year battling with cancer, Lee took up glass blowing to pass the time and heal. Out of her darkest hours, were born these little votives of light. Full of color, they are the perfect way to add color to your home and life. I love giving them for gifts, picking out the perfect color and name. Like the soft pink named baby, or the dusk-like blue named peter pan, perfect to celebrate new little ones. Or the true white that gives 10% back to charity, like so many of the colors.

If you are going to collect anything, let it be in support of an awesome company like glassybaby that gives so much back! It’s just so inspiring… and addicting! I have already started my collection. Like I said, you’ve been warned!

Like mother, like daughter! So cute!

Now, they just need to make a glassybaby to match the color of those eyes. Wait, they did!

Natalie’s true glassybaby. Doesn’t she just look like a porcelain doll?? Gahh! Precious.

Thank you, Natalie, for sharing your light {and glassybaby} with us! I know we can hardly bear it as well!!

Click here to support glassbaby goodwill

Mother’s let your light shine!

~bedhead mom


  1. Great pictures Wendy! I just love them, seeing my Natalie and my Maggie when they wake up and getting morning hugs is one of my favorite things! I also just love glassybaby!

    • Oh thank you! It was so fun taking the pictures… I mean I would do anything to be able to hang out with Natalie!

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