Bedhead Mom Series: Just Helping My Brothers

I am amazed at the talent that resides in the soul of all people. Probably more amazed by them because it is a talent or gift that I do not posses, thus retaining a sort of magical component that I admire. Talents are part of who we are and mold, shape and color our lives.

This mom is one soul that I admire for the way she mothers and for her talent to write such beautiful music in her “spare” time. I only know, first hand how talented she is, because I commissioned her to write a song, only 2 weeks ago, for a video project that has to be done for Mother’s Day. Can’t wait for you all to see it and hear her song.

This is Amber

Mother of 5 boys (4 of which are 5 and under)

Has no time to nap

A song writer

And this is her bedhead

I met her for her photo shoot while she was out for a walk with her boys.

This week they are studying rocks.

To some it is just a pile of river rocks, but if you get up close, examine their details, like Amber does, you find that there are so many different colors, specks of crystal and spectacular patterns to see. It is an admirable thing to see such beauty in something so common and look beyond the usual sight.

Maybe because she is a song writer, her life takes on a more poetic outlook, for most things in her life.

She shares with me one perspective on life that keeps her grounded and living with greater purpose:

“I’ve been feeling a lot that these are not my kids, that they are my brothers and I love them, but they are Heavenly Father’s children. I get to have this special relationship with them in my life and I hope that I can help them progress in the way that is best for them. I want to help them have a joyful, happy life and learn, from a young age, who they really are.

We talk about how it is a bit liberating to see them this way. It removes, for a moment, the social pressure to be a good mom. Instead you can focus on being a good friend and support them in whatever endeavor suits them, instead of feeling like you have to guide their every move.

In this picture are a few of the most precious things in her life, her baby (of course all her kids) and her piano… and there, above the piano a figurine of Jesus Christ. Love it!

I hope you see, that you are beautiful, Your spirit shines through, in everything you do”

Those lyrics are as much for you, Amber, as they are for the rest of the world!

Lyrics from the song… Simple and beautiful like you all!



  1. LOVE this post about my beautiful sister! She IS beautiful in every sense of the word, and a great mom, musician, and righteous and hard-working daughter of God. She does everything in her life with purpose and always has. Thanks for taking a moment to recognize her gifts and talents.

    • Mandy, I am so glad that she was so willing to share so much of herself for this post! She is a great example to me as well!

  2. I am honored to say that Amber is my sister too. This had me in tears. Wendy, thank you for capturing Amber in such a beautiful way. Her spirit does shine through in everything she does. You nailed it!! She is truly a righteous woman and righteous desires. I love her!

  3. Wow. CRY-BABY-MAMACITA checking in here! :) My GOODNESS!! This is so awesome and SO beautiful, Wendy! What a glorious tribute and so absolutely SPOT-ON!! Beautiful photography and beautiful words! And holy cow!–a video project for Mother’s Day with a song by Amber??!!! CAN NOT WAIT!! THANK YOU WENDY for your great ideas and for this incredible post! I am so lucky and so blessed to have Amber as one of my three precious daughters!

  4. My heavens guys! I was already teary from the post then to read all your comments! I feel like it’s a little bit like a funeral where you talk about all the good things and the rest kind of falls away….but I guess that’s probably the best way to try to look at life and all people. Thank you so much Wendy! :) Love all of you guys so much.

  5. To be a good mother I think you have to have had some great role models. Not only is Amber a great Mom but she has a great Mom and Grandmothers who I’m sure we’re part of it. Lovely story!

  6. We have so many amazing women that surround us, and Wendy just likes the rocks, you are able to see these women for there special gifts, and it’s amazing!

  7. My wife truly is the most beautiful and talented woman in the world. She is always looking for ways to serve and share her talents. She inspires me to be a better man, and try to love as she does.

  8. I cryed when I read this. What a sweet tribute to my sweet, talented granddaughter. I am so proud of her and her accomplishments. Honestly, I don’t know how she does it all.

  9. Amber IS amazing! From the moment I met her I knew we were kindred spirits! I am so glad that she is the amazing, strong woman that she is. She takes everything on head first and I admire her ability to do that. I’m so blessed to have her in my life! And she definitely has a gift for energy work! It’s beautiful!
    Thank you Amber, for trusting your inspirations, marrying my brother and for living in your BRILLIANCE!
    Love you, ~Daniee

  10. Thank you everyone. I love you all so much, I’m glad we can all inspire each other. I think I should print out all these comments and put them somewhere I can read them any time I need to refill the love tank. :)

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