Bedhead Mom Series: Mother Hen

Hi, I’m Cara Jean

Mother to 4 cavemen and a coup of chickens

Made a movie in my kitchen

And this is my bedhead…

…And my glasses, curlers, retainers and all!

Love it! It is the first time, since we’ve been friends, that I have been privileged to see what she looks like in the morning.

Her chickens get that privilege every day!

Raising chickens seems like a lot of work and pretty smelly to a city girl like me, but Cara Jean seems to love it.

She is a great mother hen to her own babies as well, even if it is challenging at times, especially when they act like cavemen.

“At the end of the day, after sitting at home all day long with 4 cavemen, you are like,’ I need to be near some real humans.’ I have to work really hard to speak kindly to them, and not make them feel bad for themselves and encourage them to do better, instead of being cavemen, because they are cavemen.”

What cavemen.? They just look so sweet!

Can you imagine both of them crying at the same time?


Another big challenge for Cara Jean is finding the time to do all the creative things she wants to do. Many might think she is crazy for having so many aspirations on top of being a mom. But I will tell you first hand, just because you become a mom, your talents and gifts and desires to create don’t just go away. If anything, they are amplified by the life you are living and the things your children are doing. And everything she creates is so beautiful…I should do a post just on her art!

Some days, what they are doing is cute and you want the moment to last, other times, you wonder if they are ever going to grow out of it!

The thought of adults still acting like children is what spurred Cara Jean’s recent film, Mother to Mother, into existence.

Filmed in her kitchen and starring a few of her own kids, it tells the story of a worn out mother of two toddlers, whose mother calls to chat just as the witching hour of 4:30pm hits. Wanting to shrink from reality for a moment, she indulges her mother in a bit of reminiscing that transforms her present day perspective.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, or just need a little pick-me-up, check it out!

p.s. I wrote the script… it may or may not be my life every day;)


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