Bedhead Mom Series: The Fun House

Everyone has that favorite mom that they look up to. The mom that is just so outgoing, always seems calm, is never without a smile and who’s kids are perpetually happy. This next mom, Stephanie, is one of those moms for me. And while she is all those things mentioned above, she first became my hero because she wasn’t afraid to open the door for me with as-crazy-as-can-be bedhead.

Sadly the image that I have permanently pressed into my memory came years before this series was thought into creation, but it is what initially spurred my appreciation for the mother who has more on her plate than is possible to handle that she just never gets around to doing her hair…

Hi, I’m Stephanie

Mother to 4

And this is my bedhead…

When people first come to visit me at my home they always say my house looks fun!

With a slide in the living room, a playhouse in the extra bedroom, a dog, toys left where they were last played with and remnants of sensory school projects on the wall, what wouldn’t be fun about this house?

I’ll take that as a compliment.

But life isn’t all fun and games. Raising four kids, two with autism, combined with homeschooling and going back to school herself, can be tough; add onto that a husband who travels for work.

How does she do it?

I believe it is her perspective.

Makes you want to frame the dirty footprints on the wall instead of wiping them away, huh?

Actually, she has two perspectives that help her. They sit in one frame on the fireplace mantle. And depending on her mood she flips it.

When life is trying and difficult and there just seems to be no way to get everything done that she’d like to, or after a few sleepless nights with sick kids, or when she is on day 3 of her husband being away, she flips it to this quote, knowing that it is probably the most productive thing she can do.

And then there are those days when you just accept that the messes, the playing/fighting, the “mommy,mommy,mommy” that never ceases, the constant costume changes during dress-up and all the cleaning up after each meal, that you learn how to just play along.

I really like both of those quotes.

But this last quote from Stephanie is my favorite!

(I might relate to it a little bit… hehe)

Stephanie, keep dancing and smiling for us all, alright!!?

You are beautiful!

Dance and smile… simple, right? Um…

Mothers you are beautiful!




  1. I love this! Stephanie is my sister and I’m so grateful to have her as an example to me! She is the kindest, most genuine, fun loving person I know and I am so grateful she chose to marry my brother!

  2. I enjoyed reading about Stephanie. I loved the posted quotes. Especially that what her mood is determines which quote she displays. Thank you for sharing this beautiful example.

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