Bedhead Mom Series: What a Smile Can Do

Since starting this project, a few people have started sending in their own photos.

Here is a set from one mother… and the way it has changed the way she starts the day.

This is the first picture she sent in.

After a few nights of staying in a hotel for a ballroom competition, Shelby hardly noticed her hair. It was only after embarrassing her kids by answering the door like this for room service that she realized what a she actually looked like… Except, I’ve never seen Shelby without a smile.

Shelby, why aren’t you smiling??

Okay, there is a little more of a smile:)

“Well, when you mentioned in my first photograph that I needed to smile, it struck me that that is the first step!! I took those wise words of counsel, and started smiling first thing. It really works. I’m a huge fan of a sense of humor, and wondered why I didn’t use it more in the morning. Recently, I have actually been excited to see what new bedhead piece of art has been created during my hours of rest (or unrest). It’s truly art!”

And now, throughout the day, I can remind myself to laugh, smile, be silly and not to take things so seriously. Being a mom is fun! A new adventure everyday, and if I walk out the bedroom door armed with my sense of humor and a grateful prayer in my heart, I feel more prepared. And when we are prepared, an adventure it is!”

“My phone doesn’t capture all the funny rats and tweakers, but this do got a chuckle from my hubby this motning! Not to mention the mascara smears beneath the eyes. Added touched to the bedhead artwork;) I didn’t notice til after the pics were captured that they caught my daughters art work of her and her mommy and daddy at the beach. Fun happy accident.”

Being a parent without a sense of humor is like being an accountant who sucks at math!

Mothers, don’t forget to smile & celebrate all the works of art in your life!

~bedhead mom

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