Celebrating Motherhood


In all the celebration of Motherhood, I am reminded, that I wouldn’t be anything without the Lord in my life. I love him and thank him for believing in me. Without Him, none of this would be possible. It is in Him and through Him that I seek guidance, and He assures me, that if I put Him first in all things, it will all work out, and it does, even more than I even think possible. I am grateful for all that I have, namely my family, friends and faith. And especially thank those who have allowed me to share their bedhead with the rest of the world.


May you have a blessed Mother’s Day. Whether you have children or not, this is a time to celebrate, for yourself as a nurturer and for others who have nurtured you.

One day is really not long enough to celebrate Motherhood and so as long as I know beautiful mothers, I will celebrate it every day!


Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives —women— you are BEAUTIFUL!

Celebrate with me! You deserve it! And together we can make a difference in our world.

Own it, love it, wear it… you are beautiful!


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