Changing the Way We Greet Ourselves in the Morning

Since beginning the site, people have been sharing with me how it is starting to affect the way they see themselves and others in the morning… in a good way.


Yea for bedhead! Since being introduced to your site I now spend many a morning examining and appreciating my fantastic bedhead!


I think the website is really fun and will be a great way to showcase real life. I was always reading mom blogs where they looked perfect all the time, kids dressed in designer outfits, crafts and tea parties happening regularly, and so much more. I found myself disliking who I was and the life I was leading. Luckily my dear husband pointed out that life isn’t like that for them all the time, they just happen to showcase (in great detail) when they have an amazing day. I’m glad to see a website that is aimed at showing what it’s really like to be a mom and giving credit to all of us that might be super mom in our own way.


“Well, when you mentioned in my first photograph that I needed to smile, it struck me that that is the first step!! I took those wise words of counsel, and started smiling first thing. It really works. I’m a huge fan of a sense of humor, and wondered why I didn’t use it more in the morning. Recently, I have actually been excited to see what new bedhead piece of art has been created during my hours of rest (or unrest). It’s truly art!”

And now, throughout the day, I can remind myself to laugh, smile, be silly and not to take things so seriously. Being a mom is fun! A new adventure everyday, and if I walk out the bedroom door armed with my sense of humor and a grateful prayer in my heart, I feel more prepared. And when we are prepared, an adventure it is!”

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The media feeds us enough photoshopped faces and I am tired of it. I want to see reality and I want to see other people appreciate reality. To see a women who has not been photoshopped, who is not stick thin and unhealthy and see her and think she’s beautiful. I appreciate that on your blog you don’t do before and afters because we have enough of that. If we gave you an after picture you wouldn’t appreciate the before. You might say, oh look how bad they looked, and now they look fine. You need to appreciate them looking normal.

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“The bedhead mom thing has for sure given me a new appreciation for bedhead, like it’s a work of art. I babysat my friend’s 2 year old last week and he had a section of hair in the back sticking straight up, she apologized for it, then said she kind of likes it.

After reading a few of your posts (and attempting to add a button) I have been reminded of how little appearance matters…and also that our idea of beauty is pretty warped. The mother’s you photograph ARE beautiful and we need to be a little easier on our own morning head shots.  I went to a 7 day yoga retreat before I was married and there were no mirrors anywhere. The only time I saw my reflection the whole week was in the side of my car the one time I went to it–and it kind of startled me. I was not even conscious of the fact that I hadn’t seen myself until that point.

Anyway, these are the thoughts rolling around my head since you’ve started this site.  We have way too many mirrors! Why?”

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I am so thankful for all those who I have photographed and interviewed. You inspire me so much that I want to celebrate motherhood all year round! This is just the beginning of a beautiful adventure. I am glad you are on it with me!

If bedheadmom is making a difference in your life, no matter how small, let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts. It encourages me to keep going.

Remember, you are beautiful!


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