Do You Know That You Are a Daughter of God?

Do you know that you are a daughter of God?

“Yes, I am a daughter of God. It means I will have someone who will never give up on me. He will never turn away. He will never be mad at me. He will always be there to help me.”

“Heck yes! No doubt about it. It pains me sometimes that I cannot carry on a conversation with God like I can a dear friend or family member.”

“Absolutely. He created me and He is my Father. I love Him and know that I am His princess and He is my king.”

“Yes! God has literally wrapped me in His arms during my most difficult days and I know that He is there and He is real.”

“I know I am a daughter of God because I have felt Him in my heart. I can hear the Holy Ghost whisper.”

“Yes, because I’m His child. He made me. He loves me.”

“Without uncertainty I know I am a daughter of the Almighty God. This means so much to me because when things just aren’t going right I can remember that.”

“Yes, I know that and it gives me great purpose and a reason to try to do what God wants me to do.”

“Yes, knowing that my Father in Heaven loves me and knows me means more to me than anything else. It keeps me going every day.”

“YES! That means that Heavenly Father loves you sooooo much and that we love Him. Heavenly Father is my HERO!”

“Yes, Heavenly Father is my Father. He loves me and aches for my return to Him. At times He surrounds me in His arms. I am a vital part of His family. I am of royal birth — I am worth the sacrifices of His Son.”

“Yes, I know that I am a daughter of God. Faith has always flowed through me. My challenges have drawn me to Him. He is always responsive. Always near. I trust Him. Knowing that I am His daughter gives me more strength and power than I could ever say.”

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