Do You Know That You Are Beautiful?

Do you know that you are beautiful?

“Every day my husband tells me in various ways that I’m absolutely gorgeous. I know deep down I am beautiful — the daily tasks tend to draw that knowledge down. To remember that I’m beautiful can be difficult to remember.”

“Pretty is as pretty does.”

“I know I am beautiful, unless I am in a picture. I have qualities inside and out.”

“Yes. Sometimes I look in the mirror and ask myself if I am beautiful. Some days I don’t feel as beautiful as others, but knowing that Heavenly Father loves me and that I have family and friends that love me, that helps me to feel beautiful.”

“Yes! It’s taken me a lot of time and trials to realize it, but I know that I am beautiful.”

“Yes, I know that I am beautiful because my family says I am beautiful and I know they would never lie to me.”

“Yes, I do. Throughout my life I have been called beautiful. When I look in the mirror I see more than my physical appearance.”

“Yes. The Lord looketh not on the outward appearance. The Lord looketh on the heart.”

“Yes, but I find myself questioning it every day and needing to remind myself constantly.”

“Maybe. Sometimes I don’t feel good about myself.”

“Yes. I think every girl has a time where they struggle with that, but I’ve always known my parents’ and God’s thoughts. That’s definitely good enough for me.”

“I mean everyone says that I am, but I see all these people that dress in perfect clothes and their hair is always perfect. It kinda just makes me seem different. I’m beautiful in my own way.”


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