Do You Know Where You Fit In?

Do you know where you fit in?

“Yes, I know who loves me and I know what makes me happy. I feel safe and a sense of belonging in my home and with those I surround myself with.”

“I’ve struggled to find my place since I’ve been married a second time. My reality has changed drastically. Finding a new “good” and a new “truth” has been quite the journey.”

“Yes. Here on Earth for a purpose.”

“I’ve always had a hard time fitting in. No matter where I’ve lived, really. So at the moment, when it comes to friends and knowing where I fit in, I’m not quite sure yet.”

“Yes! I fit wherever God leads me, wherever I can make a difference, wherever I am.”

“Yes, I know where I fit in. I fit in with my family because they take care of me.”

“At my home.”

“I fit in at school and at my house, but I’m not sure if they like me.”

“Yes, I am in this big family of this world — walking a path that Heavenly Father and I agreed upon before I came here. On this path I get to be a daughter, a sister a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a saint.”

“Yes, I do. I fit in. I just do. Because I’m here, I already know that there’s a place for me. The joy is in discovering where that is or where it is that I’d like to fit in. I like where I’m at now. It comes from being honest with yourself.”

“No. But on the spiritual side I fit with my Father in Heaven and my kids and grandkids.”

“Yes, right here.”

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