Face 10

Today marks 10 days  of Looking Closer at the true beauty of women.

What have you discovered so far?

Are you starting to see all the unique details that make them beautiful?

Please share your thoughts in the comments!!


Today wouldn’t be complete without Face 10!

Look at her closely for a minute and discover what makes her beautiful.

What do you see?





She’s not just another face she is a beautiful girl…

And so are you!


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  1. Goodness I’m in love with the black and white picture! It shows her, real, raw, and beautiful. I love her rounded nose, it complements her beautiful eyes with those long eye lashes, and her wavy messy hair – this made me smile! The benefits of being a kid and allowing yourself to have a messy hair, I will give myself permission for a messy hair day. This girl is darling!

    • Denhi, I love that you are going to allow yourself a messy hair day! That made me smile. Own it! Love it! Wear it!!

  2. My favorite picture is the first one. She looks like her personality is as adorable as her features. I love the innocence of children. Their carefree sense of self and the joy they spread. This sweet little face looks like a little sweetheart that I would love to have over playing with my children. She is beautiful now, and I can tell she will be really stunning as she gets older.

  3. What excitement in her eyes! The look of hope for a bright future and aspire towards big goals. She can see love, caring, and adventure around every corner. In all the people I’ve seen so far, an inner beauty, I don’t think they see in themselves, shines brightly through your pictures. Sometimes it takes another person looking a different way to really see another aspect in our lives. Thank you for taking the time to show each of us something unique.

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