Face 12

Look Closer

Spend a minute enjoying the Face on Exhibit today.

Faces are the finest of art.

Each rare and priceless because they are and forever will be one of a kind.



IMG_7386 IMG_7382

IMG_7387 IMG_7379

IMG_7442 IMG_7439 IMG_7434
Look Deeper

Analyze this Face on Exhibit like you might do at an art show.

What emotions, thoughts or feelings does this piece of art evoke in you?

Where is your eye drawn to naturally?

Force your eyes to look at every inch of the picture.

Look in the shadows and so forth.


This picture speaks 1000 truths to me on beauty.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You are a piece of art


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  1. WOW what a beautiful woman. The smile in her eyes draws my focus and also her 4th pictures shows a thoughtful look to the past and future. She has happpiness to see and will bring that to others. She brightened my day.

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