Face 17

Look Closer

Cherish this face and all her beautiful details for one minute.

What do you see?

IMG_7927 IMG_7929 IMG_7931



Look Deeper

Compare the beauty of a sapling to mature tree.

Do you see the beauty in each of them?

Thus is it with the beauty of a face.

Share your thoughts in the comments.


Beauty doesn’t fade with age.

It grows with us.


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One comment

  1. You have a way of conveying what is inside a person by capturing their external features. Instead of saying, “what a cute nose” or “look at her beautiful eyes”, I often find myself thinking about what the featured person is like inside. Such is the case with this woman. She is beautiful, no doubt. She has a uniquely delightful face. But the thing I like most is how genuine she looks. I could see her as the type of person who would rush in to help a neighbor in need and a grandmother who loves to laugh with her grand children. She looks like she has a good grip on life. She looks peaceful and happy and all of these things ADD to her external features and make her wonderfully beautiful!

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