Face 18



Look Closer

Spend a minute with this beautiful face.

What do you see?








Look Deeper

Here are a few of the promo pics for the series.

I loved the washed out profile combined with her glasses. It brought out the eyes and the theme of this series.

Look Closer to see the true beauty of women.

For many, the profile shot was the most uncomfortable.

For many, just looking at themselves is uncomfortable.

And again, for many, it is difficult, unusual, and maybe even uncomfortable to really look up close at the face of another. But I believe, that if you can catch the vision of this series, you will start to see others and hopefully yourself as well, as beautiful for all their unique details.

I would love to hear your thoughts. And I know the girls who’s faces are featured love to read your comments. They have told me how it is so up lifting.



I hope you have been enjoying #40Faces so far!
I would love to hear how the series has influenced the way you see beauty!

Keep Calm and Keep Looking Closer

Day 18 of 40


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  1. So much fun! I love her hair and perfect, full eyebrows. As one who has very thin eyebrows that need filling in, I LOVE the fullness and shape of this woman’s. Stunning.

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