Face 2

Look Closer

 For one full minute survey this beautiful face.

What do you see?



IMG_6469 - Version 2

Look Deeper

It is rare when we get a glimpse of our own face from an angle or perspective different than what we can see in a mirror. And when we do we often cringe. We aren’t familiar with the unique lines and curves that make up every part of our face.

In truth, women often think the next girl is much prettier than themselves. I wonder if this is why the view of our own beauty is thus limited.

If only we could see ourselves the way our friends and family see us all the time.

Look at yourself today from a new perspective.




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Straight on, to the side, from up above…

You have no bad side


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  1. She has gorgeous eyes! It makes me think of the power of being real and spontaneous.. That’s what I feel when I see her pictures.

    • She really does. The way the light contours and highlights her eyes is amazing. I just loved photographing her. Really, everyone because each face is so unique and beautiful.

  2. Someone who is calm, yet adventureous and willing to engage conversation. The light shows her beautiful countenance and caring demeanor. She is beautiful from within.

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