Face 20

Look Closer

Look at one picture or divide your time between a few pictures, but spend at least one minute looking at this beautiful face.

What do you see?




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Look Deeper

I wonder how many people really see themselves? How many people actually take the time to get to know their details, smile at their reflection and love what they see?

I see, admire and photograph so many women that I often notice the sadness and rejection in their expressions when they see a picture of themselves. I am heartbroken because they can’t see themselves the way others do. They don’t see how absolutely beautiful they are.

Their view is overshadowed by the harsh criticisms they have developed about themselves.

We need to learn to see ourselves. Start by learning to see others. That is what this series is about.


While most people are hard on themselves, the girl in the picture below was an exception.

Her smile kept getting bigger and bigger as she looked through her pictures.

I love that!

See yourself


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  1. A face full of hope and expectations. Her beautiful smile is contagious and made me want to smile. Thank you for enjoying life so much it shows in your face.

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