Face 25

Look Closer

What do you see?

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 Look Deeper

All of the faces in this series are makeupless so that we can see their rare natural beauty. But I especially love that today’s face is all dressed up. Pearl earrings and all.

 I’m not against makeup. I think it is fun and I wear it from time to time, but there are times I wonder if it keeps women from truly seeing themselves. Do you need makeup to feel beautiful? If you do, you aren’t looking close enough. Get to know your details so that you feel as comfortable with it off as you do on.

I want you to see yourself for all the beauty that your beautiful face naturally holds.

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Who says you need makeup to be beautiful?


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Looking Back

Why did you want to participate in #40Faces?

Because first I had never seen such a raw project with the purpose of helping women to see beauty from a complete stranger, and second because I knew it would be hard for me so I wanted a healing experience.

What were your feelings and thoughts while I was taking your pictures?

I think you know this one from my blog entry haha I was a bit nervous and sometimes uncomfortable because you would catch me mid-sentence…but funnily enough I felt safe. I don’t know if that made sense at all….but that’s how it felt, safely uncomfortable!

What were your first and honest thoughts when you saw your pictures for the first time? After looking at them for a while? Now?

Good question. I was actually very surprised to see which ones made the cut, and really liked most of them. I say most, because honestly I still cringe a little with my profile pic, my mind immediately went to what I don’t like, I can’t say that I like it now, but I’m open now to the idea of it changing.

Before #40Faces what was your perception of beauty? What did you think of yourself? Others? 

I have been a part of several beauty campaigns, specially with my training, I was part of the Beauty Redefined campaign at BYU so I think my notion of beauty is pretty healthy, as I’m self-aware of my own perceptions and can tell you which ones are healthy and which ones are not. I think this project helped me see my beauty on a different level as it required me to be raw, meaning no makeup, and that was definitely different. It also helped me appreciate other people’s beauty, without knowing them at all…..that helped me appreciate my own beauty more because I got a sense of trying to perceive myself the way other people do.

What was your favorite post in the series, other than your own, why?

Ok I have 2 favorites, the first one the one with the blonde girl who was not ashamed of showing all of her facial expressions proudly! It reminded of a time when I would come home covered in mud with my once perfect pony tail destroyed but happy as could be – when I was a kid I played with boys so plenty of times I looked like one too haha. That notion of knowing that your beauty comes from much more than looking perfect. The second one was the family one, seeing all of these sisters who look soo different gave me a new perpsective on beauty and how that fits in a family context.


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