Face 26

Look Closer

Spend a minute analyzing the details that make up this beautiful face.



Look Deeper

I had a chance to talk with this beautiful girl. I asked her what she would tell her younger self about beauty if she could. She said, “Believe others and accept the compliments.”

I agree.


You are beautiful.

Believe it. Accept it.

Know it for yourself.


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Looking Back

Why did you want to participate in #40Faces?

I knew when I was finally comfortable in my own skin. It was so much easier to see the beauty, inside and out. I was able to grow in ways my self doubt was hindering before and the empowerment that comes from truly knowing you’re uniquely beautiful is something every women/girl should experience.

What were your feelings and thoughts while I was taking your pictures?

Wishing I could help my sister understand her own unique beauty. How grateful I was to have learned the lessons I had about self worth because the me a year ago wouldn’t have been able to participate.

What were your first and honest thoughts when you saw your pictures for the first time? After looking at them for a while? Now?

1st time- I look tired and they turned out better than I thought. After a while- Look at those different expressions, that is so me and I’m glad she captured them. Now- I don’t look tired, my eyes are showing my emotions.

Before #40Faces what was your perception of beauty? What did you think of yourself? Others? How has #40Faces influenced your thoughts on beauty during this series?

After 40 faces I like taking the time to see what is uniquely beautiful about everyone. It has reminded me to constantly find news things about myself that are beautiful.

What was your favorite post in the series, other than your own, why?

Day 35. While looking through the mother daughter photos I couldn’t help but think how my life would have been different if my mother embraced her beauty. When I’m a mother I want to help my children discover their individual worth and beauty early on.


  1. Seriously. She is amazing! Look at those eyes! And her hair is flawless. She has a long skinny neck, big beautiful smile and such a great nose. Stunning.

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