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Look Closer

What do you see?

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Look Deeper

Somewhere in the middle of shooting 40 Faces I got my days and faces mixed up.

I showed up to photograph this beautiful face a day too early.

Without warning I showed up on her doorstep ready to take her pictures and caught her off guard.

All I could think was, I wish everyone was as confident in their natural beauty as she is that they would allow a complete stranger take their picture in their raw morning beauty.

What would you do if I showed up early one day ready to take your pictures before you even had breakfast?


You have a beautiful morning face


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Looking Back

Why did you want to participate in #40Faces?

I wanted to participate because I love the idea of celebrating everyday moments- not just taking pictures when everything is perfect. Plus, I realize my kids won’t have many normal pictures of me as I’m usually on the other side of the camera.

What were your feelings and thoughts while I was taking your pictures? After looking at them for a while? Now?

 I was embarrassed that my toddler was screaming, caught off guard that you came a day early, and thinking my hair was stringy and wet.

What were your first and honest thoughts when you saw your pictures for the first time?

When I first saw the pics I was curious but wanted to look away quickly so I didn’t have to notice all the imperfections. I loved seeing the moments with my kids- already my baby has grown and if you hadn’t come I would have no record of that day… goes by quickly.

Before #40Faces what was your perception of beauty? What did you think of yourself? Others? 

Perception of beauty before was more stereotypic. This project helped me SEE people and enjoy them for who they are (even if I don’t know them).

What was your favorite post in the series, other than your own, why?

 I loved 26…especially the line you put about believing compliments- so good!

Any other thoughts?

Thanks again for letting me participate! P.s. the comments really touched me!


  1. I know that mommy face. It says, “My children inspire me and bring me great joy”. This shoot is beautiful for so many reasons. Not just because she is a beautiful woman, which she definitely is, but also because she is so happy. I think this is a profound shoot of a profoundly beautiful woman and her little pieces of Heaven.

  2. Can I just say ditto to what Shilene said? :) She said it so well. I know this beautiful face, and she is a beautiful person, inside and out. What a great post. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • I know Shilene said it so well! I am so glad I got to photograph her with her beautiful babies, knowing now what I know about her and what her passions in life are concerning children and birth. So inspiring.

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