Face 29

Look Closer

Marvel at the sweet details in this beautiful face.

What do you see?


IMG_9221 IMG_9219


IMG_9157Look Deeper

For the first time in 29 days of photographing beautiful faces, I finally met one girl who, when she saw her pictures, actually liked her profile. In fact, she admits she had never really seen it before.

Do you like your profile?

When was the last time you’ve really looked at it?


Ironically, everyone has a “profile” picture and yet hardly anyone likes their profile.

Post your true profile today!

~ bedheadmom

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Looking Back

What were your first and honest thoughts when you saw your pictures for the first time? After looking at them for a while? Now? 

When I first saw my pictures I didn’t like them that much. I didn’t like who the person was in the pictures. But when I looked at them again a few months later I didn’t mind them. I saw the light and beauty that I showed in those pictures. I realized that when I first saw them, after they were posted, I hadn’t been reading my scriptures and praying regularly, and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t like what I saw. Then I saw them while I was reading my scriptures and praying regularly. Now when I look in the mirror I see that I’m a beautiful daughter of God and I like who I am.

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  1. I love her profile! It’s beautiful! And in all the photos I see a look of confidence on her face. I admire that.

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