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 Look Closer

What do you see?




Look Deeper

This face is a personal hero of mine. I didn’t know her at all before showing up to take her picture and when I got there she had lined up her sister and mother for pictures as well. I loved how she wouldn’t let them say no. She wanted them each to know how naturally beautiful they were. We all need a sister, daughter or friend like this in our lives.

Be that person!


Face 31

What do you see?





These girls were a crack up! Now scroll down to see the person that inspires their beauty and self-worth.


Face 32

What do you see?

IMG_9140 IMG_9139


Look Deeper

This was pretty much her face when I told her that I wanted to take her pictures. It was a beautiful thing meeting this family because they all were already makeup free when I showed up. I owe that to this beautiful mother who taught her daughters through her example that they are naturally beautiful without makeup. What a message to send to our young girls.



As if that wasn’t enough already, she made sure that I got together with her other sister, on another day, before heading back home to the east coast.

Face 33

What do you see?

IMG_9404IMG_9521 IMG_9522



Look Deeper

All of these women are amazing women but I have to thank the beautiful girl below for reaching out and supporting #40Faces.

She is everyone’s personal cheerleader. I believe it is because she knows her own worth and sees her own beauty.

You are beautiful!

Believe it and help others to see it too!



 When you see your own beauty you can’t help but inspire others to see theirs!


Share the love!


 Looking Back

Why did you want to participate in #40Faces?

I saw someone had posted about it on FB, and thought, well, I don’t wear makeup (ever) and I’m actually in UT right now, and hey, maybe I can get my mom and sisters to hear that they are beautiful just the way they are from someone else (other than me!!!).

What were your feelings and thoughts while I was taking your pictures?

Um, well, I felt a little bit self conscious, but it was mostly because I hadn’t met you before, and I’ve never had someone get that close to me when taking pictures. I mean, you were right in my face (and that was good!). I was also thinking about how my mom and sister would react, because I really hadn’t told them you were even coming. I was hoping my sister-in-law would agree to be photographed, because she is SO beautiful. But, I also respect her desire to not participate. I’m also SO SO SO glad you made the extra trip to the splash pad to take photos of my other sister – as I know she often feels left out when I come visit my family in SLC.

What were your first and honest thoughts when you saw your pictures for the first time? After looking at them for a while? Now?

I was so excited to see us up online…… I’d been counting the days until it was our turn. You did such a fantastic job of capturing each of those I love, and yes, they are wonderful pictures. And, I’m so glad you lumped us in together. My first reaction was that of excitement, and then I looked again, and again. In one of the shots of me, I look REALLY tired. So, I felt a little self-conscious again, but hey, I WAS tired. (and I still am, it’s that phase of life I’m in, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.) I’d been camping out in my parents house, for almost 4 weeks, with almost 20 people (all of which I love deeply) and my kids hadn’t been sleeping well at night, and I had a 4 month old baby, and he wasn’t sleeping much at all, and during the day we were playing, playing, playing. This was all a choice, and I loved being in SLC, and I knew my time was limited, so I was making the most of it.

When you came to the park to take photos of Andrea, and then you started taking more photos of me, I was a bit shocked, as I hadn’t had time to really prepare myself for that, but hey, you were documenting my life. And, I’m grateful for your photos, as I wouldn’t have any of that crazy adventure at the park with my sisters (and my children and nieces and nephews) whom I love.

Even now, I LOVE the pictures.

Before #40Faces what was your perception of beauty? What did you think of yourself? Others? 

I’ve never worn makeup, and I’ve always felt a tiny bit self-conscious about that (especially when I’m super tired, and it shows, or if I have a breakout, or other wrinkles start to show up…) but I’m honestly too busy to worry about it. If people can’t like me for who I am, then it is their loss. I’m not against makeup nor against taking care of your body and being feminine — but I think our society has too much emphasis placed on it.

Also, makeup wasn’t really part of my life growing up. My mom would wear minimal makeup every once in a while, but she also was just too busy to bother with it.

I have a cousin near my age, whom I love dearly, who was instructed by her mother (around age 12) about makeup, how to wear it and why. I was baffled by that, and felt badly for her – as she would spend much of her time and money on makeup when I thought she was beautiful just the way she was.

What was your favorite post in the series, other than your own, why? The one of you. You’re beautiful, and I’m grateful for your hard work on this project. I know it takes time, and I’m impressed with all that you do (on top of being a busy mom of 5.)

How this project has influenced me? Hmmmm…. Just taking the time to look deeper has helped me. I’ve loved looking at the photos of the older women, as I approach my 40th (gasp!!!) birthday in just a few years. I’ve tried to intentionally embrace each day, and yeah, I still think I’m 29.

Any other thoughts?

Sorry I’ve rambled on long enough. Thank you again for taking the time to document my mom sisters, etc.




  1. Ok talking about favorites, I love these pics! Doing what I do, I have come to understand that I can’t help a person without knowing about her family, if possible meeting them. This post has helped me understand that one will find it difficult to understand our own beauty without looking to its source and those that share it with us, in this case sisters. It has helped me understand beauty more, in the context of families, thanks!

  2. It was fun to see so many in one family together! And did you notice? When they smiled a big smile, there was a lot of ENERGY! in their faces! That’s terrific! Kudos to the sister who got the others involved.

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