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Look Closer

What do you see?

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Look Deeper

What is your first thought when you first see yourself in the mirror each morning?

Is it a positive thought? A negative one? Or do you look away as quickly as you can?

I asked this beautiful girl what her first thought was.

Her response: I see a daughter of God.

Take a minute to look at yourself today.

What do you see?


Your body is as beautiful as your spirit. And it is your soul we all see—body and spirit together—that is beautiful.

You are a daughter of God

Do you see it?


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  1. I love it! A beautiful statement by a beautiful woman! Great pictures and a great perspective. I’m going to tell myself that when I wake up each morning.

  2. She is also a great example of modesty, I am glad she got to see this post before she left on her mission, she really is a beautiful soul, in and out!

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