Face 38

 Look Closer

Spend a full minute with the beautiful face of this mother.

What do you see?





Look Deeper

This is not the face of just any mother.

This is my mother.

When I look at her I am certain I see more than anyone else would see.

There is beauty in every detail of her face, in every wrinkle, in every memory it holds because I have been a part of those memories.

I also know more of her struggles and all that she has had to overcome and endure throughout her life.

All of this makes her beautiful.

Imagine being able to see everyone in this light.

I am sure if we knew the truth about others we would always see their true beauty.

What do you see when you see your mother?


Just for fun

This is the face of a grandma playing with her grandson.

I love this face.





What makes your mother beautiful?


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  1. Your mom is beautiful, I can tell you where you get your beautiful eyes, and infectious smile from! I loved what you said about the way we look at our moms. I find my own mom truly beautiful, and interestingly enough she is very insecure at times – which makes me think about my own insecurities. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics and thoughts about your own mom, someone so tender to your heart!

    • Don’t you wish we were all a little more confident? That when our children see us they would see our confidence rather than how insecure we can be. It is human nature but it is something we can strive to overcome!

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