Face 6

Look Closer

Look at this beautiful make-up free face for 1 minute.

What do you see?





Look Deeper

Take a minute to see her beauty from the side.

What do you love about her profile?


Just for Fun

She has amazing eyes, but try getting a picture of them while she is smiling! This is the best she could do! I just love that even her face can’t contain all the joy and light she brings to life. I love her eyes, her smile, her rosy round cheeks and everything else about her!IMG_6773

Do you love your profile?


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  1. I looked at her profile long and hard. And my main conclusion is that I absolutely love her nose right at the very tip it goes up, giving definition not only to her face but her personality. Upbeat and lovely!

    • Your comment made me smile so much! Isn’t it neat to notice the details that we might have overlooked at we not taken the time to see them?

  2. This young lady has the rosy cheeks that come naturally from being active and beautiful eye brows which frame eyes that sparkle. Her smile shows beautiful outlines and lines from smiling lots and lots. What a beautiful woman she is!

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