Face 7

Look Closer

Look carefully at this beautiful face for 1 minute.

What do you see?




Look Deeper

Get close enough to count her freckles and hear her whisper.

What would she say to you if her picture could speak?




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  1. This girl is adorable! I love her smile, and the innocence it brings. It makes me feel about those days when a lot of questions about beauty were non existent or were much simpler than now. A time when beauty is a fact and not a question. Her smile alone reminded me of all these things!

    • That is a beautiful comment. I think so many of us can relate. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!

  2. Watching children grow from small questioning people makes it possible to remember the simplier times in all of our lives. We loved life, family, adventure, activities, and friends. One of her pictures show her sparkling blue/green eyes full of excitement and hope, not just for today but also tomorrow. It would be fun to see a picture every 3 months and look at her growth and help her see how important it is to keep the her wonder and excitement as she gets older.

    • I love that idea! I may use it in the future as another series for bedheadmom. I think that would be a beautiful therapy to help her and other girls see their unique beauty.

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