From 3 to 103

Hello beautiful people!

We have a new series in the works and we are looking for lovely people to participate.

We are looking for all age groups from 3-103. Just need to be a girl!

The theme is on how we evaluate our self worth.

This series will aim to reflect the light within each of those who participates and will encourage you, the reader, to look within as well.

I am super excited to be partnering up with a good friend, Katie Lott, on this project. You are just going to love her enthusiasm and passion for helping girls see their true selves and inner beauty.

We’ve opened this up to a broad age range to allow for diverse answers, but we do have limited slots. So if you are interested let me know right away. Our first filming with be Saturday September 12th between 2-5pm in Lehi. Location to be determined. You will be given a 30 minute slot.

Thank you. Much love.


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