Hair Like Edward’s…

I’ve always wanted hair like Edward’s…

 No, not that Edward…

This Edward…

The Edward with the really cool hair and hands for scissors:)

Except I never thought that being a stay-up-all-night mom would do the trick!

Love it!

With the birth of this new site, Bedhead Mom, I’ve have had so much fun documenting all the crazy hair that I wake up with… and am tempted to wear in open rebellion against all the social pressures to live up to the virtual standard of beauty that has evolved in recent years.

Even though I have fun taking pictures of my crazy hair, it’s still hard to post pictures that show off my big pores and puffy eyes.

But I have to ask… is that the first thing you noticed?

It’s the first thing I saw…

What’s the first thing you notice about yourself in the morning?

And then I noticed the halo behind me… ha!

I’m certain this halo is following all you mothers around as well… although much more deservingly:)

Honestly, I just have to laugh at myself.

Especially when I wake up looking just as pale and crazy as the both of the Edwards!

Who do you wake up looking like in the morning?

Smile with yourself in the morning. You are beautiful!

~bedhead mom

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