Has Anyone Ever Been Mean to You?

Has anyone ever been mean to you? Have you forgiven them?

“Yes. It hurts. Forgiveness is hard.”

“Yes, and to be honest, I have mostly forgiven them; some things are just hard to get over.”

“Yes, I’m working on it. I forgive then find that I really haven’t fully forgiven. But I’m continually working to forgive.”

“Yes. I have through about forgiving them. It took a little while to think about then, I finally chose that everybody should be forgiven so I forgave.”

“Yes, so many times. I thought so, but now I don’t know.”

“Yes. It’s hard and it hurts, but it hurts worse to hold onto the anger and the resentment. Forgiveness frees you.”

“Yes — almost beyond repair I thought — but once I forgave them I found out that I was free.”

“Yes, did my best to forget it.”

“Of course people have been mean to me. I probably deserved some of it. I hope that I have forgiven them all. It’s not my place to hold a grudge.”

“Yes, they were the worst to me. I have forgiven them.”

“Yes, people have definitely been mean to me. It was hard to, but I have forgiven them. When I think about it I feel kind of bitter, so I need to work on it a little, but I have forgiven.”

“Yes. Yes.”

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