Have You Ever Been Mean to Someone?

Have you ever been mean to someone? What would you say to them now?

“Yes, unfortunately. I would say I am so very sorry. I’m so sorry for the years of ridicule you suffered because of thoughtless and mean kids like me. I don’t think there’s anything I can do to make it right. I pray that she has been able to overcome the ridicule that she endured!”

“Sadly, yes. If I were to tell them something now, I would tell them that they are worth something. To make things right again I would apologize and I hope they’d forgive me.”

“I cannot recall a time I’ve been mean to anyone — although there most likely has been a time. I’ve truly always done my best to be kind and to show my children how to be kind.”

“Lots of times to my brother. I would say sorry. I would stand up for him if a bully was mean to him.”

“Yes. I have been mean to someone and I wish so much I could take it back. I would apologize to them and tell them they mean something. I would try to be kinder.”

“Not to their faces, no, but I have said not nice and judgmental things behind backs. I would apologize and tell them I shouldn’t have done that because no one knows what is happening to someone when you can’t see.”

“Yes, I have! I would say I’m really sorry. I will not do that again. Do you want to play with me?”

“Yes. I would ask for them to forgive me. I would ask them to be my friend. I would show them love through my deeds.”

“Not too serious.”

“I have been mean to someone. Some of the things I had said to there person I wish I could take back. If I could say anything now, I would say that I’m sorry.”

“Yes, I told my friend in elementary school that she felt she was better than me because she had better grades than me and I hurt her feelings.”

“Yes, but I said I was sorry.”

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