Look Closer

A thought that has been running through my mind these days was summed up by a quote I happened upon.

“When you look closely

people are so strange and so complicated

that they’re actually beautiful.”  

~ Adlai E Stevenson


This quote begs the question, What is the definition of beauty? Is it on the outside, the inside or both? Can one be both beautiful and ugly at the same time? What is the definition of ugly? Is pretty the same as beautiful?

I could ask a million more questions on the subject, but for now I will leave these questions swirling on the page for you to answer.

I of course have my own views. One of which is that humans are beautiful. Period. Just look at all that we are able to do with our bodies. And consider all that your body does for you. Our bodies are magnificent.


I am in awe with the details. I can’t look at a person and not appreciate their distinct, as well as, subtle features. Their faces and bodies are unique to them; a perfect combination of passed down and morphed genes. I don’t see any of their features as flaws, although they might. The nose that I love on them because of the way it catches the light, they might despise because the bridge sits too high. Or maybe they are shy of their legs because their thighs are bigger than most, not considering that mine might be bigger than theirs. I’ve heard it all. I’ve been there!


If there is one thing photography has taught me, it is that you should never show your model their picture because they will look for their flaws and pick apart a picture you thought was golden. I have learned time and time again that people are blinded to their beauty because they can’t see past their flaws. They don’t see what I see when I take their picture. They can only see their flaws. I am always shocked when someone actually likes their picture. It is such a delight to hear someone speak about themselves in a positive way.

I absolutely love what I do. I will never tire of the human face or the posture of a body.

I look at each one with fresh eyes, looking for the details, for the way the light bounces and contours it and for the way the soul shines out from it.

My challenge for you is to look at yourself a little closer. Get someone to photograph you. Or just get up close to a mirror. Don’t judge your features. Just notice them. What you are seeing is true beauty. You will be seeing your SELF. Your true beauty.


No make-up. Hair unkempt. Smiling. It is your natural details that make you beautiful.

See yourself


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