Under Construction


What is under construction? Well, I am in. In fact, at the moment I am running a little factory inside of me to make a beautiful little baby. Boy or Girl? I don’t know and don’t plan to find out until they come screaming for joy into the world. I’ve never done that before but have always wanted to try. The kids have been pressuring me to find out but there is no budging this pregnant girl. I am determined to wait, everyone tells me it is the coolest surprise. I just can’t wait! Well, I can… right?

One of my greatest JOYS: being a mother. It has made my bedhead that much more AMAZING!

As for the blog, it too is undergoing some renovations. I haven’t written much in the  past few weeks, mostly because of the fact that my brain is being sucked out via umbilical cord and I just don’t have the brain to write or the time because I prefer napping, but also because I am carefully plotting where I want this blog to go from here. I felt like it had a good start with all the bedhead mom interviews and all the videos but there is so much more I want to do with it.

On top of all that I have a few other projects that out of necessity have to take precedence. I’m still in the process of writing my book, Five Joys and developing the app of the same name, that helps you discover the things that bring you joy and helps you live that joy on a daily basis. If I don’t finish them before the baby comes they may very well never get done. So, for the moment that is where most of my writing time goes to.

My other 2 passions in life… JOY and CHRISTMAS!

Also, with the Christmas Season coming up I will be gearing up to write again for Revolution: Christmas, a blog that aims to help us de-commercialize Christmas on a personal leve.. So if you are as fed up with the way our society has changed Christmas and influenced your celebrations, join me! I will post the link to the new page for that blog soon.

I would, of course, love the continued to support of this blog, although I may not write as often, as well as, the support of Five Joys and Revolution: Christmas. These are very strong passion projects of mine and mean as much to me as Bedheadmom.com. The best way to stay up to date on bedheadmom is to subscribe via email. And for the others go to wendysantiano.com where you will find links to all my blogs… although I will be condensing many of them in the next few weeks.

Thank you for your support.

If there is any interest to write for this blog or do guest post please let me know! It could use some love while I am busy building a baby and an empire, jk… well, kind of!

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