VIDEO: Dear Dad

To kick off Father’s Day week on we have made this very special video for dads! Over 30 boys are asked what it means to be a good dad. Their answers are thoughtful and sweet and you get a glimpse of what they truly value when it comes to their dad.

I hope you have a moment to watch it today and pass it along to all the father’s in your life. It is such a beautiful video filled with love for all dads.

Special thanks to Amber Gurr for writing the beautiful song for this piece, “Dear Dad,” sung by her son, Jayden and husband Justin. Stay tuned for a special reprise of the song sung by her dad later this week in bonus interview with dads!

A big high five to all the boys who were interviewed and all those dads who took the time to be filmed with their boys. Especially to my husband, Rod, who didn’t sleep last night so that we could release it today just shy of a week before Father’s Day so you can enjoy it all week and beyond!


  1. That was a fabulous video. Thanks for taking time to make that. It definitely attests to the fact that kids just want their dads to play with them! Thank you, thank you!

    • I think that is the ultimate lesson to be learned. And even if you don’t have a lot of time with them, the time you do have matters!

  2. Thanks so much Wendy :) You and Rod are an amazing power couple. Love ya tons! It’s been so fun and fulfilling to have a part in these projects. Excited for what’s yet to come!

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