VIDEO: You Are Beautiful

This past week I was privileged to be able to interview 20 girls, ages 8-11 years old on the topics of beauty and motherhood. It was such a sweet experience and an amazing project to be a part of. I hope it inspires us all to embrace who we are and love ourselves that much more. These girls are beautiful and I want them to know it… and it starts with YOU! I hope you take a moment to watch it all the way through and pass it on to those who need to see it. Really, we might all need it. I know I did.


Special thanks to Amber Gurr for writing the beautiful song for this piece, “You Are Beautiful.” I can’t believe how quickly she wrote it, having only commissioned her a little over 2 weeks ago. Also, a big thank you to Erin and her daughter who sang the song so wonderfully. Thank you, Aaron Edson, for producing it. And to my husband, Rod, for the filming and editing of the video.

A big hug to all the girls who were willing to share their love for their mothers on Mother’s Day. May you feel more beautiful today than ever!




  1. Yes, we all are beautiful because we are daughters of God. All of you did a great job on the video! What wonderful young ladies. May the Lord bless you!

    • Thanks Cara Jean! It was such a cool week! Two mother’s day videos back to back! I will be posting up your post this week and embedding the film in it! Can’t wait. See the cool thing with this site is that it celebrate motherhood all year round:)

  2. Those girls are captured so well. I can feel their big, beautiful spirits every time I watch it. I hope this experience sticks with them and that it helped them to really know, and never forget how beautiful they are.

    • I know! Me too! I am hoping I can stay in contact with them and see them grow up into young ladies, and eventually, mothers.

  3. This is amazing! I am the mother of one of these BEAUTIFUL girls and I could not be happier with this heartfelt message. Thank you to all involved. Best Mother’s Day gift…EVER! Much love :)

    • Heidi, I am so glad that you enjoyed it! I am so glad we were able to get it done by Mother’s Day! And may it be uplifting throughout the year!

  4. That was so beautiful. The tears are still flowing! What beautiful, sweet girls. I hope they never forget they are children of God. Thank you Wendy, Amber and Erin.

  5. Delightful little video, Wendy. What a sweet bunch of girls… so enjoyed their beautiful faces and hearing their thoughts!

  6. This was beautiful. It is a very inspiring message that girls, and mom’s, need to hear. Thanks for all the hard work that went into this. Is there a way to get an mp3 of the music?

    • Nicole, everyone really did play such an important part! As for the music, you should contact Amber, since she has the rights to the song:) She really did an amazing job with it!

    • You are so welcome Juanita! I know we don’t always feel like it, but we really are all so beautiful… ALWAYS! Hope you have a beautiful day today!

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