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Over the next 40 days we will look closer than ever before at the true beauty of women!


Each make-up free face belongs to a beautiful person—a beautiful soul—and each face is just that…

Each line, each curve and feature is unique to them.
There are many words synonymous with beautiful.
Unique is at the top of the list.

None of these women/girls are models. All of them shared with me their insecurities. We all have them.
All of these pictures are free from touch-ups and Photoshop.

The style of each picture was created using oggl from Hipstamatic for the iPhone.
Although I select the lens and film, the app behaves in a random way,
much like the genes we are born with.
The effects created from oggl are unique and beautiful, giving me the perfect medium for highlighting and accenting their chin, nose, eyes and personality in an exceptional way.


Look Closer
Each day survey and analyze each face for 1 minute. What do you see?
Write down your thoughts in a journal or leave a comment below. I appreciate all comments, but do moderate them to protect the girls from hurtful and mean comments if they do arise. I can’t imagine that they will though. If negative thoughts do come up for you, that is a good time to analyze the root of these kinds of thoughts.

Look Deeper
This is a daily challenge to help you analyze the issues and insecurities you may have concerning beauty. My hope is that it will deepen your sensitivity to the beauty that is inherent in each face, including your own.

I am truly thankful to the 40 brave women/girls who allowed me to photograph their natural beauty. They should be applauded for setting a new standard in beauty. I have nothing against make-up but I hope this project instills in them and you a new appreciation for raw beauty.

I appreciate all comments and feedback.

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I hope you are as excited for the next 40 days as I am! It is seriously going to be so good for the soul.

See their true beauty…

…and yours.


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