What Would You Say to Another Girl Who Is Struggling With Self-Worth?

What would you say to another girl who is struggling with self-worth?

“You are strong. You are beautiful. You are AMAZING. You have the capability to do so much good. God loves you and He will help you.My dear friend, “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

“Be kind and overlook it. Time heals everything as we try to do better. I love the Lord. He loves me and you.”

“I would tell her she is a daughter of a Heavenly Father which makes her a princess. Princesses are perfect, beautiful and kind. Every person is important — she is too.

“I would tell her to be herself. I would tell her not to change and try to be something different because she is beautiful just the way she is. I would say, ‘You are you and that’s okay.'”

“I would say you are a beautiful, lovely woman and you are loved and kind. Don’t be rude to yourself because you are not listening to yourself when you are being rude to yourself.”

“I would remind them that they don’t need to be at the world’s standards. The only person’s approval you need is your Heavenly Father. He loves you so very much. You are so precious to him. God created you in his image. He gave you so many talents and abilities. Don’t forget those.”

“To know that God loves each of us and that we have a purpose on earth gives us strength. If you are struggling with self-worth, reach out to someone else who needs a friend. Live your life so the Spirit can reach you and guide you.”

“You are an amazing person. Always remember that you are loved!”

“I would tell them to read the scriptures and listen to hymn music and sing them.”

“I would give them a hug and say, ‘You are loved and you are an amazing girl. I love you.'”

“I would tell her that she is a daughter of God and that she can free herself from anything people said about her and do what she needs to do, like helping others and helping herself.”

“You are so precious to our Heavenly Father. It breaks His heart to see you like this. You are so beautiful and filled with gifts. God loves you and so do I, lovely.”

“I would tell her that you were created by Heavenly Father. You have divine worth. If there is anyone that you love, be it a child, a parent, a friend — Heavenly Father loves you more than you can possibly imagine. So He sent his son Jesus Christ who sacrificed everything and then suffered all just for you. You are worth every tear, every drop of blood — so the love you have for another does not come close to the love he has for you. You are worth it. You are loved — just because you are you!”

“I would tell her to accept herself, accept her strengths and especially her weaknesses. Accept her past, even if it’s not her favorite. I would tell her to be kind to herself. To forgive herself. To forgive herself and move forward in love — love for herself and love for others. I would wrap her in my world and say all the things I should have to said to myself long ago. Life can be brutal. Accept the difficulty of it. Look to God and move about with a loving and forgiving nature. It will come naturally.”

“I love everyone. Wanna go for a walk? I love you. I love everybody.”

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