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Raising a family isn’t easy and eating healthy as a family is no exception. With all the talk these days of organic this, grass fed that and Monsanto in everything, it can leave mothers and fathers a little more perplexed as to what to feed their family. I know that I have struggled with it. In fact, I have had moments of incontrolable sobs over it (I am pregnant) because I feel so guilty that I don’t have the time, energy or resources to give them a highly nutritious meal 3 times a day. Some days are better than others and I can get in a decent meal, other days I just hand them a corn dog and some multi-vitamins.

I appreciate the experience I had in Costco one day. I was there with just my little girl. As we passed the frozen isle she spotted the chicken nuggets and of course begged me to get them. So I put them in my cart. All the way to the check-out she sang, “Nuggets, nuggets, nuggets!” This older lady passed me with a smile and said, “You are a good mom.” She must have sensed the pressure our generation is under to avoid the processed foods and the guilt it can put on us. I think I teared up. I try not to buy them all the time and opt for chicken that is healthier. It may cost more, but we eat it less and I can get the kids to eat it most of the time. I have my personal reasons for this, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be another family’s staple food, it was for us for a time.

Tip from my (no-expert-here) kitchen: We buy a huge basket of fruit each week and stuff the fridge full of veggies the kids like. I have found that my kids won’t touch celery or carrots cooked but love to eat them raw. Even if we don’t get a decent meal in during the day at least the snacks are healthy. If I do try and make a healthy dinner and they don’t want to eat it, I won’t make them anything else. If they get hungry later I just point to the basket of fruit and let them have as much as they want. I think they are going to start growing apples from their ears…

What tips do you have for balancing convenience in the kitchen

with healthy eating?

Whatever choices you make to feed your family, remember what you do is wonderful, even if it comes pre-sliced. You are one Hostess that can’t go out of business, so do what you feel is best but don’t let yourself go bankrupt.

Wonder Bread thanks for helping me be Wonder Mom

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