A Mother’s Bedhead: Ugly or Beautiful?

What is your first thought when you look at yourself in the morning? Is it, “I look pretty!” Or is it, “Oh my, I look awful.”  I can tell you that I used to think the later up until a few days ago when I woke up with a completely new perspective. Blame it on the delirium of taking care of 4 sick kids, being sick myself, 2 weeks of constant interrupted sleep and a traveling husband. I was about to wash my face and wet down my hair like I typically do in the morning, when I happened to glance into the mirror and found that what covered my head was not a huge frizzy, uncombed and unblown, thick, coarse mop, but rather a divinely crafted and styled beautiful craze of a head of hair!

Okay, well maybe it was… haha, but…

I looked at it for a moment… It looked back at me, and then we just sort of bonded… After all I had been through, the sleepless nights, the constant 4 cot nurse station in the living room and no one around to help me, this hair didn’t want to be slathered down with water and product and blown dry. It wanted—needed—to be celebrated! Photographed!

Then it got me thinking, what mother and her bedhead doesn’t need to celebrated? What mother doesn’t wake up with a head full of crazy hair from staying up late to get things done, only to rest for a few hours before the baby needs nursing, then to be kicked in the face by the toddler who crawled into her bed at 4am and likes to sleep horizontally… Do your kids do that too? It sucks! Mothers with all they do never really get the rest they need. Beauty sleep might truly be magic, but who actually gets it? And yet we greet ourselves in the morning with harsh criticisms about they way we look. Stop that! If there is one thing I know it is the wonder of make-up and hair product (I’m a licensed hair stylist), but mothers, if you are reading this, give yourself a break… Better yet reward yourself for all the hard work you do and say hello to yourself with a smile in the morning. Just think of your hair as a crumpled up hundred dollar bill… It’s still worth every penny crumpled up and so are you.

Don’t wake up and tell yourself how ugly you are, because you’re not. And don’t rush to wash away the perfectly styled hair that reminds you and the world what an amazing self-sacrificing mom you are. Besides who has time to doll themselves up every morning? I know I don’t. If your hair isn’t done when you drop off your kids at school don’t think twice about what other moms will think of you. It’s 7:30 in the morning!! And it’s freezing outside. Yet we think about it… We worry what others think. Girls…

I’m not saying this is the biggest problem in the world, but what I am saying is that even without your hair done and make-up on, you are BEAUTIFUL! Both on the inside and outside. And I am going to prove it! 

The hair that changed my perspective forever

Being a mom and getting together with other moms for play dates and such, I’ve gotten to know so many women on a more personal level. Each of them have inspired, uplifted and shared some of their light and beauty with me. This blog is dedicated to them and all the gorgeous mothers out there.

My goal is to help you wear your bedhead proudly. To get you to look at yourself in the morning and say, in the sung words of Maria:

 “I feel pretty, Oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright.”

Let’s have fun with this and do some bedhead glamour shots. Mother’s day is right around the corner. What better way to honor mothers than to see them in their most natural and beautiful state?!

I love being a mother and I love getting to know other mothers. So join me on this new adventure to share and uplift each other in simple beauty! Subscribe and be my friend on facebook!






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