Bedhead Dad: Enjoying the Moment

Dads can be beautiful, too… although they prefer handsom. But I doubt you would call this dad’s life and his views on fatherhood anything but beautiful!  

This is the first of our bedhead dad series that we kicked off with a Father’s Day Tribute Video that you can see HERE!

The life of a Distribution Manager for 20th Century Fox, living in a small space in the heart of LA with 4 kids and his beautiful wife, is quite the party, that is, until the eventual meltdown hits each day… about the same time that all the freeways in LA start to clear up.

Meet Tyler

Father to 2 girls and 2 boys

Wishes he had a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” sometimes,

But absolutely adores his life

And this is his bedhead…

 Did you always want to be a dad? Why or why not?

 Yes, of course!  I always knew I’d be a dad and couldn’t wait to see my little offspring running around!  I’ve always been a kid at heart and looked forward to playing with my children and holding my baby.

What did it feel like the moment you became a dad? How has that experience changed your life?

Hard to describe… I remember well the moment I first saw each of my children.  The happiness, the relief, the love I felt is indescribable.  Tears of joy flow no matter how hard you try to control it.  Being a dad happened a bit sooner than expected :) but it was the wake-up call I needed at that time. It forced me to grow up very fast and it probably saved my life!

What is your favorite part about being a dad?

Young children radiate pure love and give it freely in large amounts.  Whenever I need to be loved (which is a lot), I just spend time with my children.  I have 4 kids, so when they get undivided attention from me, it’s like no other gift would be better and it’s nice to feel wanted. I also love looking at them and seeing pieces of me, my wife or other family members.  I love dressing my boys and seeing them look so cool.  I love watching movies with them that I loved as a child.  Whenever I’m on my knees, at least one of them jumps onto my back and wraps their arms around my neck, I love that feeling as well.  I love how each of them are so different from each other in personality and interests.

His wife confesses he is the one who does the shopping for kid clothes

Do you have a cherished memory with your kids that you’d like to share?

Countless!!  I make a movie for each one of my children’s 1st b-day that covers their first year of life.  When my first child, Halle, was nearly 3, I remember watching her movie with her one afternoon and it was probably the first time she’d really been able to watch/understand it.  A few minutes into it, I look at her and tears are falling down her cheeks.  At this point, I’m crying as well and she turns to me with her big blue watery eyes and says,

“I love you, dad.” 

We held each other and wept, drowning in the love both of us had for each other.  To that point, never before had I felt so much love from someone in my entire life. In that short moment and without saying a word, that tiny little girl taught me why life is worth living:  To love and to be loved.

What has been the highlight of your week with your kids/family?

My oldest turned 10 this week and she LOVES attention.  It was great to see all her friends and everyone around her show her so much love.  She couldn’t stop smiling and neither could I… Also, watching my boy run around all weekend with a toy machine gun yelling “GO JOE!” was pretty awesome as well!

If you could opt out of one childcare task what would it be?

Bedtime!!!  Homework time is bad too, but nothing compares to the chaos and terror on a nightly basis.  Our kids have very few things in common with each other but the one thing they DO have is the natural ability to bring out the worst in us at bedtime

What keeps you motivated as a dad when the kids are… for lack of a better word… being kids?

– Ha!  I don’t have a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card!  I always think that they won’t be young forever and I need to find joy in those moments.  Someday they will be a teenager and never talk to me.  Then they will be an adult, move away and be too busy with life.  I must enjoy every moment that they just want to play, snuggle and love me.

Seriously, one of the best fathers I know. Look at that cute little snuggling face!

Fathers cherish the moments!



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