Bedhead Mom Series: I Always Wanted to Be a Mom

Meet Laura and her awesome bedhead!

As I arrive for our scheduled shoot, Laura greets me with a smile, patting her hair she explains, “I haven’t done a thing with it. I just got back from dropping off my kid at school. I’m sure I got some looks from the other moms.” I chuckle to myself, “I am here for a bedhead shoot. Besides, who’s actually ready for the day before they drop there kids off at school?” She isn’t the only one. I have heard the same refrain nearly each time I have done a shoot. Girls!  For once you don’t have to excuse your hair… or ever again;) Enjoy it!

As she becomes more comfortable, we start chatting and she shares with me her greatest joy about motherhood, which at one point was her greatest heartache: not being able to have children of her own.

Her first emotion when she found out that she couldn’t have kids was anger. “How could this be?” It didn’t seem fair to her. She had always lived faithful to her beliefs and it just seemed that by doing so she would receive the greatest blessing, next to being married—children. For a moment it shook her faith, she says, but her hope was slowly restored as she clung to the testimony that she had in her Heavenly Father’s plan, knowing that somehow He would make things alright.

In the Lord’s timing and in His own way, Laura has been blessed by two young mothers who have selflessly decided to give their baby up for adoption, feeling that what they were gifting their baby in giving them up would be far greater than what they could provide for the baby themselves.

I took this photo of Laura’s house guest on the day of the shoot. Unbeknownst to me, until afterward, did I come to know that this was Tanya, the birth mom to one of her sons. I can’t tell you how much I admire the courage of both of these mothers and all mothers who go through the adoption process… both the giving and receiving. I can’t even imagine how challenging that would be.

When I asked Laura what keeps her motivated to be a good mom, she replied:

“I’ve always wanted to be a mom. So when things get crazy, I just have to remind myself.”

I think it is a good reminder to us all to cherish our babies. May we continue to give as selflessly to our children as the mothers who give them life, but  let go in hopes of giving them something better.

Mothers you are beautiful!

~bedhead mom





  1. Thanks girls! Feel free to share it with other mothers. And if you know of anyone who has a story that they want to share, please have them contact me!

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