Celebrate the Mundane

Celebrate the Mundane


As much as I love being a mom and staying at home to raise the kids while they are young, I find so many tasks to be tedious and mundane. Dishes and laundry to name a few. I am certain I am not the only mom, or dad for that matter, to feel this way from time to time. I find that sometimes just putting on a smile and giving myself a pat on the back, when I do complete a task and playing some Leslie Gore can make it that much more enjoyable to do.

TIP from my house: Something we do in our family is assign one dish to each person. I get the colored plastic dishes from IKEA for the kids. They each have their own color. It makes washing more frequent as they have to use these dishes for each meal, but it also keeps things in check and doesn’t allow for massive dish pile up. Even the kids can be involved and wash their own dish. But to be honest, on busy baking days when there are more baking bowls, cupcake trays and testing spoons galore there really is just no hope… I can never wait to enjoy the treat until after the dishes are done. Who can?

What tips do you have for keeping on top of your dishes and not going insane?

Now if I only had bubbles flying around my head and only one dish to wash I’d be smiling just as big as she is! Maybe I’ll enlist the kids on that one!

The dishes and laundry have to be washed…

Might as well enjoy the moment it is done—all 10 minutes of it! 

 Celebrate the Mundane!

~ bedheadmom

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