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It seems in my life that there is always something to overcome. Some things are self-inflicted from poor choices, some from good choices and goals and sometimes things, like tragedy, hit us out of nowhere. Still in all our difficulties the truth remains, we will will either crumble to it or overcome it. No one wants to crumble under the pressures of life and yet daily, it seems, there is something new to overcome. What can we learn from our hard times? What can we learn from pushing ourselves to new heights with personal goals? What can we learn from endurance? I am guessing there is a wealth of knowledge to be had.

I can’t tell you how much this quote and this book are already changing the way I look at running and all difficulties in life. For the first time in forever I sprinted a 1/4 mile. At the point that I would have given up I kept going. I thought about how strong my muscles would get and welcomed the burn. Before I would have quit saying, “I don’t have to try that hard. It’s okay. I’m tired.” I would have stopped to walk and felt bad for not trying harder when I would have known deep down that I could have kept going. It is inspiring to say the least!

For more inspiring wisdom from an ultra runner check out his inspiring book Eat&Run.

Overcoming difficulties is life



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