Dressing Up the Bedhead

Woke up with this hair one morning. This is my typical wake-up hair. Workable, right?

The one below, not so much… hehehe.

Don’t ever let me leave the house like this, okay!

So here is the back view.

Like most mornings, I have only a few minutes to myself before the room where the kids are playing in goes quiet and you know they’ve gotten into something they shouldn’t, so I rush to do something with my hair quick.

My hair isn’t quite long enough for a ponytail so pigtails will have to do. They’ve become my signature hair style since this senario can sum up most days. But again, my hair isn’t long enough to stay in the pigtails so I adhere a few bobby pins. Classy, I know! But what is a mother to do when she just doesn’t have the time… or the hair?

I let the fringe fall… Where else is it going to go?

Decent. Good enough for me on most days. But then I start thinking, What if I add a little something to dress up the bedhead a little? Might make me a little more comfortable and give off the impression that the bedhead is on purpose! Haha!!

I immediately think of these cute earrings my friend, Cara, gave me.

Blue and bold!

Instantly, I feel really pretty. Really? Just a pair of earring? But hey, if it works, it works.

Of course, I don’t dress my bedhead up every day… and there are some days I have more than just a moment to myself and can actually wet it down and blow dry it, but most days I have to be comfortable with my wake-up self, and that’s okay. Wait it just got quiet… better go! jk!

So dig out some cute earrings or headbands and dress up that bedhead! Wear it like it’s on purpose!

You are beautiful! With and without earrings.

~bedhead mom


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