1. When I see this woman I see her as an individual that has great worth and much potential. I have never taken the time to study someone’s face, but as I study hers I see she has strength. She has overcome her own life’s trials and has her own moments of joy just as I have. She has a voice and a story that she wants to be heard. Looking at her I feel like I want to listen to that story.

    • You just about made me cry. That is so beautifully written. I am so glad you took the time to write down your thoughts!

    • What would you want to know? Maybe I can interview her some day:) I actually met her the day I took her pictures. She is really amazing and sweet!

  2. I see a beautiful young lady with attention to details, caring concern for others and a desire to give of herself. I see someone with an inner strength and determination to face challenges. She has a beauty that shines from within and caring eyes .

  3. I see my beautiful friend and the memories come flooding back. In my head I’m still that pre-adult even though my own son is now the age we were. I know that smile and the joy it holds and the happy times we had. Life goes on and holds so much beauty. It’s amazing what one beautiful face can do.

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