Face 21


Look Closer

There is so much beauty in every face.

After looking at her for one minute what do you see?

IMG_8313 IMG_8318 IMG_9915

Look Deeper

Compare the two pictures below.

See her natural beauty in color and B&W.

What do you see?



For one day I wish we could live in a B&W world.

I love color just as much, but it would be magical!


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  1. THIS is my favorite face. If you knew how much this face has been through and how she has remained faithful & positive, you would see that it is the most beautiful face in the world.

    • I am sure I will probably never know all that you know about her, but I don’t doubt it! She is stunning in every detail and has an undeniable strength in her countenance.

  2. Her image brings a strength with understanding of life around her. She shows wisdom along with determination in her eyes. She is extremely beautiful.

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